TinkerToys makes children's dreams come true

We empower children to make their own toys. With our free 3D tool children starting from primary school age can easily learn how to design in 3D like a professional engineer, share their ideas with friends, print their designs with a 3D printer or order their toys as 3D print made from an environmentally friendly bioplastic!

How It Works

• Free 3D design tool for children starting with primary school age
• Choose from more than 25 tutorials in various degrees of difficulty
• Use great templates for robots, creatures, cars and planes
• Build movable figures with connectors easily
• Combine your toys with LEGO®-compatible connectors
• Share your ideas with friends and collect your 3D models
• Download your 3D files - optimized for the 3D printer or VR/AR applications
• Order your toy as a 3D print made of an environmentally friendly bioplastic directly to your home
• iPad app available

Maker Education with TinkerSchool

TinkerToys has been developed especially for kids of primary school age and older. The educational license ‘TinkerSchool’ offers teachers and students numerous advantages. The administration of courses and student accounts is organized in a protected area in a time-saving way. A wide range of freely available teaching material supports the design of lessons. There are topics on various subjects in the STEAM field but also interdisciplinary projects (e.g. on digital product development) available.

Soon available in English

TinkerToys and TinkerSchool will be available in English soon. With shipping options to many EU countries. Leave your e-mail message so we can notify you in time.

    Don't want to wait?

    Try the German version of TinkerToys while we are working on the international software. It requires little to no German language skills.